Being socially connected is an odd balance in this day and age.
Do we end up creating our own echo chambers subconsciously, that in times like our current election cycle, have created a deafening outcry that seems to reverberate and build?

In our need to connect with family and friends, and the speed of emotion on the internet, it's very easy to get caught up in the energy of it all. If you're an empathetic person this can be even more intense.

This whole thing caused me some level of anxiety just watching both sides go at it. Everyone has a strawman argument, no one is listening to the other side. A majority of the people don't even remotely understand the system they are raging against. It's easier to get angry about something first than it is to step back and make a more educated choice. I'm probably one of the biggest perpetrators to this. I'm salty about things I find ridiculous or people demonstrating blind emotional ignorance.

So, by disabling my account for now (I'm still undecided about fully removing it), I feel that
I'll be driven to connect with those I want to stay in touch with more closely, which seems like a plus. And should have considerably less distractions from random emotional outbursts from a system that seems to give you more and more of the content you don't want.

We'll see...