From time to time I need to do something in linux. Usually this is some development technology I'm playing with or working on that isn't Windows.

Hyper-V has tools that enable support for Linux running under virtualization but it is limited to a certain set of distributions. Additionally my Hyper-V Linux vm is a command line only install. So everything you need to do will happen from a terminal perspective

Install Centos 7

Reason I went with this, is it's small, popular in datacenters and has explicit Docker container support

  1. Download Distro Centos 7 Minimal
  2. Download Hyper-V tools

Post Install Steps

sudo yum update

This will take a little bit so go get some Coffee or your favorite beverage

Mount the Linux Integration Service for Microsoft Hyper-V iso you had previously downloaded. In the Hyper-V virtual machine connection you can mount the iso

After adding the ISO to the cdrom mount it to the os

sudo mount -r -t auto /dev/sr0 /mnt

Now install

cd /mnt
sudo ./

You should see something to the effect of

Now reboot

sudo reboot

Validate the installation worked

sudo modinfo hv_vmbus

This command can be repeated for all kernel modules (hv_vmbus, hv_netvsc,
hv_storvsc, hv_blkvsc, and hv_utils)