Nodejs all the things with HUBOT!

So at work we have a Hubot that we have added our own functionality to. Like most things like this they don't get tests until you get into something complicated. In my adventures with the bot and in playing around with AWS Lambda functions, I've learned a few things, and made some packages. Here's the rundown


There was a need to test Regular expression matching of the robot hear and listen bindings. Starting up the bot to try the regex works for one off things, but doesn't scale for CI etc... This mock emulates the same function endpoints as the ROBOT object that hubot send into your script.
Example is on the Project Page


Being able to see what the bot is doing on the backend is a nice to have feature, we wanted more of a TV type view of what was going on, so I started this project as a proof of concept. I'm not the best web designer (or even close to being decent lol) but I was able to use to create a websockets interface that is really nice and easy to extend.