hosting services

Been working a lot on my new hosting setup. I've always helped various folks figure out what solutions they need to get online. Usually from experience I've gained playing with my own projects. I've used services such as Heroku, Appharbor, Amazon AWS, etc... But I've been bothered that there is still a group of folks that need an online presence but lack the technical expertise and size to pay what it costs to create these things. The industry hasn't done these users any favors with the ultra cheap and oversubscribed shared hosting of the big hosters.

So here is My first cloud hosting project.

Boutique Hosting?

This is what I'm calling it. I won't have a portal to let random people signup and try it out. That creates over subscription issues and ultimately slower pages. Primary advantages of my approach

  • Fully managed by myself (or someone I personally know)
  • Monitored 24/7
  • I receive email and text alerts if any odd the servers have issues
  • Email services are hosted separately from the web sites.
  • Servers are backed up regularly, in case of a catastrophic failure I can have another server online within a few minutes.
  • Website content is backed up separately from the server content to make server restoration faster.

Target Audience

My target audience are small business owners or entrepreneurs that aren't in the web field of expertise.
If you want need full access to the servers to manage your setup, I'm not the place for you.
If you want an online presence and you're happy with managing your website through a blogging platform such as Ghost (what I'm using here) or WordPress then I can possibly help you out.

Current Features


  • Email
  • Support forwarding to your real email somewhere else
  • Server side email storage is available too
  • Currently no established limit on number of addresses
  • Spamassasin spam filter.
  • Antivirus scanning of inbound messages


  • Web space @
  • Server Side Languages supported
    • PHP
    • Node
    • .Net (via MONO)
    • older cgi-bin style applications

Not in scope for my service

  • Cpanel
  • Ssh

Future Features

  • Email list subscription management
    • Support for automatic subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists you setup.
    • Send an email to and the message is sent to subscribers.
    • Web Interface for subscribers and list owners
  • FTP to site
  • Site specific analytics
    • awstats
    • piwik
  • Webmail Interface
    • Squirrel Mail