Last week I suspended my Facebook account primarily out of mental exhaustion. To follow up on what things have been like since.

This post is more of a raw thought dump than anything, take it as such :) (one of my uses of facebook)

"The guns... They've stopped"

-Episode IV of Star Wars

All of a sudden, I went from being surround by noisy angry posts about all things, to nothing... This created an interesting difference in my day to day process of things.

Here are the technical things that impacted me once I decided to suspend the account.

  1. Facebook login to games/apps etc is gone
  2. FB Messenger, oddly enough, is still usable. I kept this aspect so I could still directly connect with a few individuals

I've found that I have been driven to connect directly with a handful of individuals in regards to more pointed common interests that live outside of the snark realm. I've realized why I was friends with some folks, and have also realized that my friends list is full of acquaintances, or former co-workers, that have brought 0 personal connection, and frankly has increased the surface area of noise. I've created my own signal/noise ratio that made most of my feed, entertaining at times, but had no real core value in improving my life.

Generally, I feel like I'm less irritated with things. I'm always going to be a direct communicator, and I'm just kinda salty about certain subjects. It does feel like I'm less apt to get super spun up about certain subjects because I'm not generally irritated with the world.

Kinda goes to show you how much we carry anxiety around, regardless of the cause of it. Decision fatigue seems less as well. I find that my mind isn't as occupied with things that I read about some clown 6K miles away that at the end of the day I don't give 2 f's about, and neither should a lot of people.

It's highlighted that we can fall into false sense of community online with a set of like minded thinkers. It can create a false perception of what's right, wrong, important, and/or unimportant. The noise of our groups can create a sense of priority of the issues at play, alternative views can get crushed with an unfair amount of skepticism and all of the other cognitive dissonance things that get us to odd ball ideas and even crazier implementations.

It has highlighted to me that we can easily forget that treating our fellow citizen as a human first is probably going to go a lot further than loosing your shit about some event happening in a part of the world you will never go, nor really care about. Then turning around and making passive aggressive posts calling out the online cliques for their ignorance and myopic approach to their problems, as if this will illuminate them, and they will all of a sudden be able to listen to reason.

Put your money where your mouth is. Act locally, think globally. Acting locally shows others around you what doing the right thing is. It teaches children by giving them an example of how your should behave in society. Stand up locally against injustices that you see / witness / can have an impact on in your local community. All of this is needed to seed behavior so that it will promulgate up through the generations as they grow. Top down approaches have never worked. All successful changes in human social evolution have come from the bottom, and the powers that be have been demanded to fix things. I've yet to see a top down solution from a politician, or anyone in a perceived position of power, that wasn't met with passive aggressive resistance.